Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)


An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is an electrical apparatus that provides emergency power to a load when the input power source or mains power fails.

A UPS differs from an auxiliary or emergency power system or standby generator in that it will provide near-instantaneous protection from input power interruptions. When the power failure period is longer than the UPS can support, it properly shut down the protected equipment.
UPS units are also capable in correcting common utility power problems, such as voltage spike or sustained overvoltage, momentary or sustained reduction in input voltage, voltage sag, noise, instability of the mains frequency, etc.

Generally, there are three categories of modern UPS systems:

UPS systems

On-line UPS

An on-line UPS uses a "double conversion" method of accepting AC input, rectifying to DC for passing through the rechargeable battery (or battery strings), then inverting back to 120V/230 V AC for powering the protected equipment

Line-interative UPS

A line-interative UPS maintains the inverter in line and redirects the battery's DC current path from the normal charging mode to supplying current when power is lost.

Standby UPS

In a standby ("off-line") system the load is powered directly by the input power and the backup power circuitry is only invoked when the utility power fails.

While considering power management for business-critical IT infrastructures such as servers, switches and communication systems, we need to consider




How can the system administrator manage and control all devices in the network?



Backup Time

How long the UPS system last before running out of power




The UPS system must communicate with the protected systems so that it can signal the individual system to shutdown properly when the backup power is running low
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