Enterprise Network

Enterprise Network
Enterprise Network

An Enterprise Network (a.k.a corporate network) is the communications backbone that helps connect computers and devices across departments and workgroups in the organization.

The fundamental purpose of an Enterprise Network is to connect all computing resources and users to communicate and provide and retrieve information. As such, physical systems and devices should be able to maintain and provide satisfactory performance, reliability, and security.
An Enterprise Network may include local-area networks (LAN) and wide-area networks (WAN). Typically they are made of managed routers, switches and wireless access points.
  Enterprise Network
Enterprise Network   Enterprise Network

While designing an Enterprise Network, ITWin always look into three critical aspects.



How can the system administrator manage and control all devices in the network?


How can the network be up and running all the time?


How can problems be detected and identified at the earliest possible stage?
To archieve the IT objectives, ITWin also helps enterprise customers to deploy Network Management System (NMS) software or Network Access Control (NAC) system.
ITWin Technology is passionate about providing consultation and solutions to enterprise customers. We help them to build, manage and secure an optimal, stable and reliable Enterprise Networks, connecting business-critical IT devices and applications in different protocols. Our experiences in the design and deployment cover sizable networks in the factories, hotels, malls, and schools - be it wired or wireless.

The Enterprise Network principals we closely work with include Aruba, Cambium Networks, Cisco, DellEMC, Extreme Networks, Huawei, Ruckus, Juniper Networks, etc.