Cisco Meraki Firewall


ITWin has helped a renowned oil palm plantation company with its corporate office in Johor Bahru to resolve challenges of managing computer networks in estate offices distributed across entire Malaysia – from Peninsular Malaysia to Sabah & Sarawak in East Malaysia.

The computer network and Internet connectivity are crucial to business operation because every estate data needs to feed into the centralized application system for real-time consolidation.



High-Availability (HA) and Load-Balancing (LB) in the Corporate Office

The corporate office subscribes to multiple Internet lines from different ISPs to provide always-up Wide-Area-Network (WAN) connectivity from all estate offices. The Internet gateway must provide the load-balancing feature to distribute Internet traffic fairly across links.

IT Support at Remote Offices

As all the remote offices scatter in remote locations across Malaysia, it is challenging for IT personnel to replace equipment like a firewall without going on site.

VPN Links and Routing between the Corporate Office and Site Offices

All the networks are linked using secure VPN connections. However, the setup and management of firewalls is not a simple task, especially when deploying new policies and routings.
  Case Study


ITWin proposed the Cisco Meraki MX Series Firewall to the Customer as Cisco Meraki perfectly addresses the Customer's challenges and goes
beyond the Customer's expectation.

By adopting Cisco Meraki MX84 in the corporate office and Cisco Meraki MX64 at all the site offices, the Customer is highly satisfied with the result.


Cisco Meraki provides an intuitive dashboard for the corporate IT manager to monitor and manage all the devices scattered in over 20 locations in a single pane.


Cisco Meraki enhances user experiences and satisfaction by maximizing the VPN connectivity uptime across the country. The SD-WAN and Auto VPN features play an essential role.


Cisco Meraki frees the IT personnel from tedious trips to remote sites office to support the network equipment. An ordinary office worker can help plug the device couriered to the office and take simple steps to connect to the corporate network.


Cisco Meraki empowers the IT personnel to effectively and efficiently support large corporate networks with complex configuration and routing policies.
Cisco Meraki Firewall MX84

Cisco Meraki Firewall MX84

Cisco Meraki Firewall MX64

Cisco Meraki Firewall MX64